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Sit inside a wagonR and you'll see why it's unlike any other small car. Take a seat anywhere and you'll be surprised at the amount of leg space available. Not to   mention the seats that recline completely for unmatched comfort. Even more amazing is how flexible you  can use the space inside. While other cars have room for either passengers or luggage, the wagonR has split rear seats which make room for both. Isn't that smart thinking?


A 16-valve, 64 bhp, low-friction engine that's surprisingly powerful. Electronic Power Steering for an almost effortless drive. Flat Torque Curve for fewer gear changes. Smart features that help you drive with practiced ease. Test drive a wagonR today. And drive like you've never driven before.

Smart Engine
The wagonR's 64 bhp, low-friction engine is designed for smart city driving. A 32-bit computer and 4 valves per cylinder enhance fuel efficiency, without compromising on pick-up. Besides, the wagonR is now Bharat Stage III compliant. For you, that means a safer, cleaner and greener environment.

Smart Manoeuvres
Electronic Power Steering makes the car really easy manoeuver and park.

Smart Suspension
Ride adaptive suspension with an anti-roll control device keeps the car stable at high speeds. It also gives you a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Smart Driving
Even as RPM increases, torque remains almost constant, resulting in Flat Torque Curve. Which means fewer gear changes, easy city driving and lesser fatigue.

Comfort & Flexibility

  • Fully reclining front seats, together with reclining rear seats, form a comfortable bed.

  • Rear seats fold independently, making space for a passenger as well as luggage.

  • Rear seats fold flat, in line with the boot floor, greatly increasing boot space.

  • Seating so flexible, it adjusts to your needs.



Apart from the innovative use of space, the wagonR thoughtfully makes room for little things. Take a closer look and you'll see how smartly it organizes your life inside the car

  • Shopping hook

  • Cup / Can holder

  • Storage space under music system

  • Multi-trip meter

  • Shelf  underneath steering wheel

  • Storage rack under glove compartment

  • Coin holder

  • Full flat front seat

  • Seat back pocket*

  • Split rear seats

  • Remote fuel lid opener

  • Day/Night mirror*

  • Accessory socket*

  • Electronic tachometer*

  • Key-not-removed alarm*

  • Lights-on warning buzzer*
    * In VXi only.


A safety features that helps the driver retain control of the car especially while braking on slippery surfaces. With ABS, the wheels don't lock, which prevents skidding. It also helps manoever the vehicle better in the event of sudden braking.

Crumple Zones
Crumple Zones absorb the force of impact, not allowing it to transfer to passengers, ensuring a safer journey.

Headlamp Leveling
Headlamp leveling device helps adjust the beam angle in four different levels, depending on the car load, It provides optimum remote visibility for the driver and reduces glare onto oncoming vehicles.

Dual SRS Airbags*
In case of a frontal collision, Dual SRS Airbags supplement the protection offered by the seatbelts by decreasing the impact on occupants' head and chest.
* Optional, in VXi Bharat Stage III only.



Smart dual fuel Technology

  • Advanced Engine delivers a dynamic performance with both LPG and Petrol

  • Fast pick-up like petrol Cars

  • Environment Friendly

  • Low running and maintainance cost


Smart space management

  • Spacious passenger cabin

  • Unique space-saving Italian design LPG toroidal tank

  • Spacious boot to fit almost everything

  • Innovative spare-wheel mounting

Smart safety features

  • Genuine Maruti Suzuki Technology

  • DOE & ARAI certified LPG fitment

  • Complete vehicle warranty

  • Robust LPG tank to avoid any leakage

  • LPG tank resistant to collision & impact

  • Pre-fitted with iCATS, your car is 100% safe and secure

  • The car starts with an original key only

  • Pay less on the insurance premium

Smart convenience

  • Easy to fill unique inlet value

  • Switch between LPG (22.5 ltr. tank) and Petrol (35 ltr. tank) with the flick of a switch

  • Over 550 LPG filling stations in more than 250 cities*

*Source: Indian Auto LPG Coalition

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Download WagonR Brochure





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