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Bright Red

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Gypsy Advantage


    Higher ground clearance of 210 mm to ensure better off-road handling.
    Diaphragm Spring Clutch designed to withstand higher rotational speeds requiring less release load, thereby reducing the wear of parts.

  • SNOW

      The Engine that’s high on thermal conductivity, and heats up quickly even under extremely cold conditions. Thus, there are no starting problems even in the midst of snow.

      1300 cc petrol engine - lighter than a diesel engine, resulting in a higher power to weight ratio. This ensures better control, more power and greater responsiveness.


      The Engine avoids overheating because its high thermal conductivity enables it to give off heat much faster.


      Maximum power of 80 bhp @ 6000 rpm makes for easier crossings.

      4-Wheel drive for better control and more power at the wheel.

      A higher power to weight ratio of 0.0812 ensures faster acceleration through streams and muddy terrain.


    Steering Damper ensures that shocks encountered from bumps and potholes are not passed on to the steering wheel. Thus, any loss of control owing to unexpected obstacles is avoided.

      The Gypsy is a lighter vehicle weighing in at 1020 kg (hard top) and 985 kg (soft top). This is a major advantage on sandy or muddy tracts - a heavier vehicle will get stuck but the Gypsy keeps going.


      5-Speed gearbox ensures better highway mileage and allows high cruising speeds.

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