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Introducing The New Grand Vitara 2.4

The thing about power is that more you have it, the more you want it. That's precisely what we've done. The New Grand Vitara 2.4 is loaded with more power. With this new Grand Vitara has taken the three-decade Suzuki SUV heritage to a whole new paradigm. This internationally acclaimed model is now here for you to indulge with.

The new Grand Vitara has made a foray into the Indian market without as much hoopla as the other SUVs have made, obviously with the massive disappointment that accompanied the previous offering. Referred to as the Escudo all around this CBU has been launched here as the Grand Vitara. Cannot say much about the grandeur but does look poised to please and gain back some lost pride!

At first glance the stance and profile looks complete. The headlight cluster and the grille conform to norms of aggression. The rear has a large but well-designed set of tail lamps, a very pronounced pillar, and the spare tyre. Proper but lacks ingenuity and creativity. Another addition is the steroid-pumped wheel arches. Everything adds to its sporty profile but seems like a safe offering. The whole idea does not harmonize completely into a hardcore, rugged SUV though.

The engine option on offer is the 1995cc that chugs out 120bhp at 5500rpm. This may not be the smoothest as it needs a good chunk of revs to actually open up and then you take notice. The handling is predictable and not as sporty as the look or something you can play around with. There is enough of body roll that takes a little of the fun factor away as you are a little apprehensive to push it to the limit. The interiors are plush and comfortable.

The fuel economy is average and the package overall is pricey. If it was priced competitively it can be a competitor.


Autobild Allrad

US Consumer Guide

US Auto Pacific

US Sport Truck Connection TelevisioN

'Compact 4X4 of the year' by German Magazin AutoBild allrad

'Best Buy Compact Sport-utility Vehicle' by US Consumer Guide (Automotive)

'Vehicle Satisfaction Award Winner' in the compact sport- utility category by US Auto Pacific

'Annual Light Truck and SUV Award' (ALTAS) by US Sport Truck Connection Television

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